Rittenhouse Row is a hot spot!

Within the Rittenhouse area, Rittenhouse Row is a hot spot! Filled with shops for high and low budgets, Rittenhouse Row is a popular location to get some shopping done. Rittenhouse Row is known for their three main goals – promoting the area from the Avenue of the Arts all the way from The Parkway to South, protecting the area to make sure it is thriving, and helping owners build their business. During the spring, the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival hits the town and during the winter the Rittenhouse Row Fashion Crawl is hosted. If you’re looking for shopping, dining, and an awesome fast-paced atmosphere, this area is one you will love.

The Best Coffee Shop in Fishtown

If you’re looking for the best coffee shop in Fishtown with amazing coffee/tea options, delicious pastries, a calm environment, and friendly employees, Steap and Grind is the one for you. Owned by such an amazing, hardworking person, Colleen, Steap and Grind provides everything that you may be looking for in a coffee shop. For four years now, Steap and Grind has developed a reputation for being delicious, providing great service, and a warm environment. Located in the heart of Fishtown makes it accessible to most Fishtown residents!