Brandon Bailey

Chief Operating Officer | NMLS#: 236489

Magnum Opus Federal Principal and Chief Operating Officer Brandon Bailey has helped both first-time homeowners and those with extensive investment portfolios find the right approaches to financing properties. Brandon and Co-founder and CEO Christian Best have created a firm that’s responsive, cooperative, detail-oriented and client-centered. They believe that through their broad knowledge and easy accessibility they allow customers to take advantage of ever-changing options in the marketplace.

When guiding clients, Brandon applies lessons learned not just in the classroom and on the job, but in volunteering and on the football field. His coach at Bucknell, where Brandon was an All-Conference defensive lineman and academic All-American, taught him things he thinks about every day: Don’t just make the play. Block your man and then block or tackle someone else. Because everything you do represents and serves the team. We win together.

Brandon employs that philosophy in all facets of the mortgage business. He knows what Realtors do, what buyers want and how bankers think, so he can help you reach your goal as smoothly as possible. He’s worked with buyers from a wide range of ages, occupations, nationalities and financial situations, and his diverse experiences help him
help you.

From Brandon’s early internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia to five years at SEI Investments, a leading financial services provider, and four with E Mortgage Management, he’s managed tens of millions of dollars in accounts. His customers look to him for advice on both individual transactions and long-term strategies. He’s also begun to work in all phases of residential development, from acquisition to supervising the
process of flipping properties for resale.

Brandon may not play football anymore, but he still hits the gym and runs the Ben Franklin Bridge trail. He’s an intrepid explorer of the burgeoning Philadelphia food scene, participates in the Philadelphia Library book club, and has conducted home buying seminars on the radio and in church. He visits his family in Delaware, roots for the Eagles, and maintains an active lifetime commitment to his historically African American fraternity, working to develop the next generation of leaders.

Of all Brandon’s interests, his true passion is helping people get homes. We win together.

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